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Our company focuses mainly on the supply and distribution of frozen foods. We give importance to all the stages of the supply chain, starting from the choice of suppliers till the delivery of the product to our customers.

Quality Meat Products Ltd. makes sure that the products it offers are of an optimum quality to price ratio and arrive in adequate packaging for the efficiency of our clients. A critical factor for QMP Ltd. is that of inventory management. Recently we have moved our premises to Naxxar, were we adopted a totally new advanced system of inventory control and warehousing. Through this, one can monitor all the products coming in and going out much more conveniently and are being kept in their best condition.

The ordering process is undertaken by our motivated and organised sales representatives. All orders are made through a computerised system, which makes it much faster for the sales department to send clients’ orders to the warehouse for picking, loading and delivery of goods.

The delivery team is an imperative asset to our company. Here at Quality Meat Products Ltd. we make sure that our delivery personnel have a good knowledge about the products they are delivering and different routes. They must also be polite and presentable when meeting our clients. We are proud to say that we have a very energetic and lively team of delivery men who make it a must that deliveries arrive on time and in their optimal condition. Our company does not only propose quality products but also an excellent service from our delivery personnel.


Fleet of trucks

Quality Meat Products Ltd provides a high quality delivery service that starts from the warehouse till our customers’ door in our new modern fleet of refrigerated trucks in which the goods are kept in their required temperature.

Storage Space Rental

Throughout the years, Quality Meat Products Ltd. has developed to be one of the leading suppliers of frozen foods throughout the Maltese islands. Together with the movement of operations from Marsa to Naxxar, the company strives to target a new market by introducing a new concept.

Our firm now facilitates clients such as suppliers and wholesalers to store their stock through a system of pallet space renting. The warehouse is made up of the latest machinery and technological system of warehousing. This will result into great convenience and efficiency to those companies that don’t have enough space to store their goods or would like to store their products in a well controlled environment.

Through their logistics, Quality Meat Products Ltd. will serve customers in the most effective means for the satisfaction and proficiency they demand.



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